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Riparo (2008)

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Riparo: The story's protagonists are three people: Anna, a wealthy middle-class 35-year old woman who owns, together with her mother and her brother, a factory in the northeast of Italy; she has a love affair with 25-year-old Mara, who works in the factory; then there's Anis, a young man from Maghreb who suddenly storms into their lives.
Genre Drama Year 2008
Director Marco S. Puccioni Length 98 Minutes
Actors Alex Predonzan, Gerhard Koloneci, Steffan Boje, Vitaliano Trevisan, moreAntonia Liskova, Maria de Medeiros, Mounir Ouadi, Gisella Burinato Language English
Country Italy, France
Rating 6.3 (266 votes) Links IMDB

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