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Phil the Alien (2004)

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Phil the Alien: Near a backwoods Ontario small town, a young alien, on vacation, crashes in his ship. Disoriented, this confused young extraterrestrial is captured by a young boy who, after naming him Phil, introduces him to the stupor of hard liquor before the boy's hick father throws him out. Roaring drunk and bunking with a friendly talking beaver, Phil eventually wanders into a bar where his new addiction traps him even while he wants to go home. Meanwhile, a secret US black ops organization activates a drunken field agent to find the alien. However, while he searches, Phil's easily manipulated personality leads him down paths that profoundly affect his new native friends.
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy Year 2004
Director Rob Stefaniuk Length 82 Minutes
Actors Nicole de Boer, Rob Stefaniuk, Nick Canakis, Claire Brosseau, moreAddison Bell, Mike Beaver, Christopher Barry, Joe Flaherty, Graham Greene, Jason Jones, Boyd Banks, John Kapelos, Sean Cullen, Bruce Hunter, Brad McGinnes Language English
Country Canada
Rating 4.9 (556 votes) Links IMDB

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