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Thirty Day Princess (1934)

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Thirty Day Princess: On a visit to a spa in the Ruritanian Kingdom of Tyronia, American financier Richard Gresham meets the country's ruler, King Anatol XII, and convinces him that he could arrange for a $50 million dollars in loans to benefit his impoverished nation if the king's charming daughter could do the appropriate public relations in the States. Unfortunately the Princess Catterina falls ill and is quarantined for a month aboard ship. Rather than risk losing the loan, Gresham hires out-of-work lookalike actress Nancy Lane to impersonate Catterina. Complications arise when she falls in love with investigative newsman Porter Madison, who is investigating Nancy Lane's disappearance, and she must precariously balance playing both parts convincingly with the loan and her emotions at stake.
Genre Comedy, Romance Year 1934
Director Marion Gering Length 74 Minutes
Actors Marguerite Namara, Sylvia Sidney, Robert McWade, George Baxter, moreLucien Littlefield, Cary Grant, Edward Arnold, Henry Stephenson, Vince Barnett, Edgar Norton, Ray Walker Language English
Country USA
Rating 6.8 (284 votes) Links IMDB

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