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La donna dei faraoni (1960)

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La donna dei faraoni: A beautiful girl and a young physician fall in love in the midst of a family, and power struggle between rival princes of Upper and Lower Egypt. When all seems to turn to the better, a dejected woman gets her revenge, and the couple's destruction.
Genre History, Adventure, Romance Year 1960
Director Viktor Tourjansky Length 87 Minutes
Actors Pierre Brice, Linda Cristal, Nino Marchetti, Fedele Gentile, moreLuciano Francioli, Enzo Fiermonte, Nadia Brivio, Nando Angelini, Ugo Sasso, Andreina Rossi, Guido Celano, Nerio Bernardi, Lilli Lembo, John Drew Barrymore, Armando Francioli Language English
Country Italy
Rating 6.2 (14 votes) Links IMDB

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