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Long hu men (1979)

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Long hu men: Two young kung fu experts are terrorized by an evil warlord whose weapon is known as the Hell's Wind Staff. With the aid of an old rival of the warlord, they train in the Dragon Hands and the Rowing Oar to face off against the deadly Hell's Wind Staff.
Genre Action Year 1979
Director Chin-Ku Lu Length 85 Minutes
Actors Shan Tai, Bo Tam, Fat Tsui, Han Chen Wang, moreMei Wong, Ping-an Yang, Chuen Chiang, Tien-chu Chin, Kang Chu, Chi-wei Ho, Hsia Hsu, Hok Nin Lau, Chun Hua Li, Heng Li, Ke Ming Lin, Wai Lo, Hsi Chang, Yeong-mun Kwon, Hoi Mang, Ying Lung, Yung-sheng Pan, Jason Pai Piao, Chi Ping Chang, Jang Lee Hwang, Yuen Man Meng Language English
Country Hong Kong
Rating 7 (85 votes) Links IMDB

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