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Sue Thomas FBEye: In this episode the team tries to stop a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. As Jack tries to stop the Al Qaida leader Jack learns that his methods come into question when a Civil Rights complaint is filed against him. The suit against Jack claims that he used racial profiling to arrest the suspect.

Now Jack faces the possibility that he will lose his job with the F. B. I. Jack meets with the suspects lawyer to warn her that if she reads her client's statement she may activate a sleeper cell that may trigger the terrorist attack.

Tara begins a relationship with Stanley who will help Sue figure out the hidden messages the suspect is sending. Jack learns that the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is investigating Jack because the suspect, he arrested, feels that his Civil Rights were violated.
Genre n/a Year n/a
Director n/a Length 60 Minutes
Actors Enuka Okuma, Marc Gomes, Rick Peters, Ted Atherton, Yannick Bisson Language English
Country Canada, USA
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